Don’t Lose Mobile Customers. Building a Responsive Site is Our Specialty.

A responsive site has never been more important. The way people consume information is ever-changing and while it isn’t front page news that most people are searching on mobile devices and not desktops, Google made it official back in March when it rolled out its mobile-first indexing.


First things first…

What is a Responsive Site?

Responsive web design is an approach to site building that is responsive to the user’s behavior. Meaning, we make sure that whether a user is looking at your site on a desktop, iPhone, tablet or laptop, it is clean and easy to view and navigate. We’re using flexible grids, layouts and images among other things, to respond to whatever the consumer is doing, wherever they’re doing it.


What is Mobile-First Indexing?

Google loves mobile-friendly sites. Traditionally, Google has used desktop versions of sites for crawling, indexing and ranking, all of which have a hand in where you show up on the search engine result pages (SERPs), and you want to be at the top. Now, Google is using the mobile version of your page to do this.

A responsive website is a mobile-friendly website, which is just one more way to bolster your ranking. Designing for a responsive site is essential for SEO, allowing you to reach your audience where they use the internet most – their smartphones. Primax Studio can design you the site of your dreams. Your users will be happy, your balance sheet will be happy, and we will be happy (because we love making awesome websites)!

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