Primax Studio is committed to the success of our clients’ digital marketing initiatives. The impact of COVID-19 has already demanded some major changes to marketing plans regardless of industry. If you’ve made the tough decision to suspend or delay paid marketing efforts, we have some options to help you reach your audience organically and keep your brand top of mind with thoughtful, relevant messaging. 

As always, we stand ready to assist in any way we can with web, digital, or other marketing objectives.  


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Even if you have canceled events, services, etc., maintain a presence on social media by posting regular updates to your platforms. Here are some great examples:

Consider promoting these social posts to ensure your audience receives this information. Think about promoting video content and other ways you can reach people who are otherwise unable to participate. Run brand awareness campaigns and keep people engaged so you don’t have as large of a gap to fill when things start up again. You can even ask your audiences what kinds of posts they are interested in seeing right now.


The search volume for branding terms combined with virus terms has increased in many areas and cities.

Create a dedicated landing page to address shows/concerts/exhibits being postponed or canceled, steps being taken by your organization and venue(s), and potential ticket exchange information.

Here are some examples:

Formatting the landing page as a Q&A will improve how it appears in search results and make it as informative as possible for patrons. Including “last updated” copy on the landing pages enhances clarity for users around how new the information is.


Maintain an active presence on search by keeping your Google Grant account active.

Search is user-centric. Even though the volume of searches may decrease, you still want to give searchers what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it. We recommend that branding and content, services, etc. search ads remain active.

Pause your paid campaigns for items disrupted or canceled due to COVID-19. Nonprofit organizations should leverage their Google Grants account to allow patrons to find information, update calls-to-action to reflect organizational changes.

If you would like to promote your response to or provide information about COVID-19, consider adding a site link in your Grant account, but only if you have created a dedicated landing page. 

Keep in mind the site link will appear below an ad created for branded terms appended with “virus” or “covid-19”.


Review all active and upcoming email campaigns. Look out for triggered or scheduled emails that might be contradictory or tone-deaf to the situation.

Don’t be reluctant to email frequently right now. It’s important to share the most up-to-date information with your audience. There is an increased appetite for relevant information in times of uncertainty. If possible, include a link to a dedicated landing page about your organization’s response to COVID-19.


Many organizations are taking advantage of live streams after cancellations or social distancing measures in the community. It’s a great way to continue supporting the community, further your mission, and remain relevant with your audience. This may also benefit nonprofits with future development initiatives for when people are in a better place to offer financial support.

Here are some common live-streaming platforms: 

Facebook Live

YouTube Live

Vimeo Livestream

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