Tell Your Story with a Resume Website

Competition is fierce. Millennials are all searching for that unicorn job that encompasses a work/life balance, a livable wage and rewarding work; all for an environmentally conscious company with strong ethics. When that job pops up you can bet you won’t be the only applicant. Set yourself apart from the competition. Don’t send in the average one pager; send a link to your personal resume website. Here’s why you’ll slay the competition:



Give hiring managers a multimedia experience. Don’t just post your resume on a resume website. This is your chance to add pictures, videos, infographics, graphs, whatever helps you tell your story. If you’re a teacher post classroom pictures or infographics that communicate your personal pedagogy. If you’re in marketing show graphs of data from a successful marketing campaign. Get creative with a slideshow of your work or intro video, regardless of your industry.



References are fine, but testimonials tell the tale. Make the hiring manager’s job easy and post testimonials on your resume website from former employees, co-workers, or clients. This eliminates a step for the person hiring, meaning they’ll know you’re awesome now, while they’ll have to make some phone calls to find out about the competition. For a final touch, add an email link so hiring managers can contact your biggest fans directly.


Let’s Talk Layout

You have some choices here. You can create one long, scrollable timeline, a page for each skill set or separate the pages by resume section. Think about what type of resume website makes sense for your industry. If you’re a creative, your portfolio is going to be front and center. Divide pages in a way that makes sense, and make sure everything is easy to navigate.


Contact Info

Make sure this is on every page and easy to spot. If at any point while scrolling through the site the hiring manager thinks, this person is pretty rad, you don’t want them struggling to reach you. They may move on to the next candidate. Include the info on every page. A clickable email link earns you extra credit.


Now that you’ve built your resume website, market it. Add links to all of your professional network profiles, link to it on your social media channels (without the drunken spring break pictures), and tell your neighbors. You’re not an average applicant anymore, you’re a professional networking digi-ninja.

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