Dogs at work make you better at your job

Most of the time around the Primax office it’s all about web design, digital marketing, PPC, and SEO. Sometimes it’s about our four-legged friends. In case you didn’t know, we have a few office mascots, who regularly help us with the toughest cases; things like how frequently we should jump up from a dead sleep and speed run in circles or how many times you can run a toy into a person’s leg before they’ll play with you. Dogs in the office are a great way to shape your company culture in a way that makes your employees feel like their interests are being considered. As long as allergies aren’t an issue and everyone is on board, bringing your pup to work can turn the daily grind into another day in paradise, and the benefits don’t stop there.

The Top 4 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Work:


  1. Chill Out
  2. A study from the Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees who bring their dogs to work experience less stress and higher levels of job satisfaction. I mean it’s hard to be stressed when a furry little face is creepy-watching you eat your lunch.

  3. Love Your Co-Worker
  4. People love their dogs and love to talk about them even more. Dogs in the office promote interactions between co-workers that may otherwise not happen. This builds strong, positive personal relationships between co-workers that can’t help but spill over into work projects. Making new clients feel at ease is important and leads to longer retention and overall satisfaction. Dogs are great conversation starters where everyone can relate or has a story to tell.

  5. Stay Healthy
  6. We’ve all heard it, sitting is the new smoking. Experts vary in their guidelines for movement throughout the day. You’ll see everything from, you should stand for half the time you’re at work or you’ll die, to wiggle your fingers every hour and you should be ok. Regardless, most studies agree that sitting for prolonged periods of time puts you at risk for a ton of health issues from obesity to depression. Having a four-legged friend at the office means you’ll be getting up to meet their bathroom, food, and exercise needs. That keeps you moving and leading a less sedentary office life.

  7. Brain Break
  8. Taking a mental break can actually make you a stronger employee. Giving your noggin a short rest allows you to return to your work refreshed. Guess who gives the best brain breaks? Dogs! Taking some time to pet, talk to, and play with these furry little nuggets of cute increases attention span and improves your overall work performance.

Office Culture Your Way

We think dogs at work are the bee’s knees, but that’s just like…our opinion, man. However you decide to shape your office culture, make sure your employees have some input. Giving the team a little bit of ownership will make sure the buzz around the office stays positive and lasts for years to come.

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