We Help You Fix Your Most Annoying Social Media Management Issues

Take a gander at some of the most common social media slip-ups we see every day and some solutions to boost engagement, reach, and referral traffic to your website.

Issue: Low Engagement

Solution: Take a look at your content. One of the biggest mistakes we see brands making is spewing content about themselves only, over and over again. If you want consumers to participate, make it about them. Sure, a portion of your content should be about you, these are your business channels after all, but that can get boring and repetitive quickly. It’s like having a conversation with someone who only talks about themselves. You find yourself daydreaming instead of engaging. Successful social media management means posting intriguing content about the industry (give them some news they can use), letting your audience participate by sharing content from your consumers and taking the time to personally respond to even the smallest activity on your page. People get pumped when a brand connects with them directly, and this goes a long way in virality and brand loyalty.


Issue: You’re not driving traffic to your website

Solution: While having robust and active social media channels is important, let’s not forget the end game. Our social media management team will tell you, social media is a channel just like TV, Radio, or search ads with marketing objectives and ROI to worry about. You want people to not only follow and engage but spend money on your brand. The key is to make taking the step to visit your site seem natural and effortless. Nothing is more frustrating as a consumer to be drawn into an intriguing and beautifully crafted post with no way to learn more. Remove all barriers and make sure a working, relevant link is included in the copy. Make sure your website social links are up to date, and consumers find fresh content on your pages. Blogs, images, posts, and videos should all link to a relevant landing page on your site.


Issue: No New followers

Solution: The days of obsessively watching your number of followers are dead. You can have a ton of followers but if no one is engaging or seeing your content, who cares? While this isn’t the most important social media management metric you should be tracking, it can be a big-picture red flag that something isn’t right. If you’re a new brand or a brand starting with a low number of followers, you’re going to want to pay more attention to this. But how do you get more followers? This can be channel specific. For example, if you’re using Twitter or Instagram, hashtags are going to get you more visibility. On all of your channels, start building relationships with other industry influencers. Figure out where you can partner with them. Put out a joint special product or participate in the same event and flaunt it. Be visible on their pages and share their content. Get active in the group scene if you’re on Facebook. Business pages are being seen less and less on the news feed but group pages are still showing up. Not to mention, this is a place to really engage with your followers and create a lasting relationship. The strategies are endless here, but this is a good place to start.

Successful social media management takes time, experience, and finesse. Not all brands have the bandwidth to maximize their social channels, and that’s ok. The Primax Studio social media management team will make sure that your business stays relevant and connects you to your customers in a meaningful way. Give us a call or shoot us an email to see how we can help. You can message us on Facebook too – we’re always on!

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