Your Site is Too Slow

You have killer graphics and sick video, but if your website design takes more than a nanosecond to load, do you know who’s going to see it? No one. Users have the attention span of a gnat. It’s not just about getting your content to users, but site speed can literally affect your business plan. Let’s say you keep losing users on your pricing page. You start to question everything. Your prices are too high, your prices are too low, restructuring your pricing completely, why you even when into this business in the first place, the meaning of life itself. When in reality, your page is loading too slowly and users are going elsewhere. Speed is key. Guidelines suggest a load time anywhere from a half a second to under ten. What we can all agree on, is faster is better.


There’s Too Much Going On

Ease of use is going to attract users every time. Competition is fierce and if your website is not super easy to navigate, users will bounce. Literally. Offer a website design with less choices, less menu options, less pages to navigate, offer a quality summary of everything they need to know right there on the homepage without any scrolling and users should not only stay on your page, but this should convert into sales for you.


You’re Making Your User Click

Again, ease of use reigns king here. Users are more likely to scroll than they are to click through a bunch of pages. Of course you need to have some pages in your website design to organize your site effectively, but minimize the pages and clicks by adding more scrollable info. on pages already created.


You’re Using Words Instead of Images

People like pictures more than words. That’s just the way it is. You can write some incredible copy, hilarious paragraphs, but users will be looking for visual cues when they come to your website and if these are missing, chances are they’ll go somewhere else. Effective website design means using pictures to cue users in to where they want to go on your site.


Websites should be beautiful and captivating, but beyond that they need to be effective. We have the website design experts for this. Primax will do the work for you creating not only a beautiful website but a website design that is effective.

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