If you haven’t discovered it by now, the speed of your website is critically important. Patience for loading times has rapidly dwindled over the years and visitors will even give up on a webpage in a matter of seconds. Site speed is crucial for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as well. Search engines are designed to provide the best possible internet experience so they like to serve sites with rapid-fire loading times first. 

As more businesses are swiftly moving online, industries and market places are becoming very crowded in the digital sphere. Increasing your website speed is a great way to make sure you can stand out from the noise and keep visitors from leaving your site.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to improve your site speed.


Find out the current speed of your site by running a test. Google has a tool you can use to determine how much you need to improve. Then after you have implemented some solutions you can go back and test the speed again and see if your site is running any faster.

Images & Videos

Large images and videos can be a major drag and can severely slow your website down. Make sure you are optimizing your media to upload to the web. Export photos as JPEGs and try to keep them under 1MB. A compressed H.264 file is a good start for videos.


Security is key for being at the top of search. Search engines will always choose a secure site over a nonsecure one. Also, not only is HTTPS safer, but it is also faster. The best practice is to make sure your site is both compliant and secure.

Limit Plugins

Don’t overdo it on the plugins. While they can be quick fixes for your site, they can also be clunky and may even break. Loading too many plugins on your site can hurt your speed. So try and shed as many of those as you can.


The internet is going mobile. Chances are potential visitors will be finding you by phone. So, search engines are leaning toward favoring mobile-friendly sites more than ever. If most of your traffic comes from a phone you may want to consider changing your site to an accelerated mobile page or AMP. These are a favorite among the top search engines.

Web Developer

Ask for help. Here at Primax Studio, we are pros at helping our clients speed up their websites. We also offer a free SEO audit that can determine site speed pain points. Contact us today.

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