There’s something cooking in the SEO world, and it’s been sitting on the back burner for a while. Now Google is turning up the heat, and Schema markup is quickly gaining traction in the digital marketing sphere. With the results we’re seeing, you’ll want to add it to your arsenal and put it to work for your site too. or structured data is a collaborative effort between the major search engines to help improve search results and highlight your information. Sometimes it’s difficult for search engines to determine exactly what’s on the page. Termed “the language of search engines,” Schema markup tells the crawlers exactly what they’re looking at, boosting the quality of your traffic and making content stand out. By adding markups to your HTML code you can capture and enhance rich snippets and make your pages appear more prominently in SERPs. This is very important for SEO, especially Local SEO. provides a collection of shared vocabularies webmasters can use to mark up their pages in ways that can be understood by the major search engines: Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Yahoo!”

Speaking of Local SEO, Schema is a great optimization strategy for businesses to literally land on the map. Providing search engines with your location-based information makes it much easier for you to appear at the appropriate times. It also allows for accurate information to populate the Google Knowledge Graph or sidebar. We recommend including at least the following factors in your markup:

Business Name
Phone Number
Hours of operation

Google has consistently been dropping hints that it will be recognizing and utilizing more and more schema types as it develops its AI search. That, coupled with the fact that few sites are currently implementing schema markup, makes now the perfect time to beat the rush and add it to your SEO toolbox.

Here at Primax, we’ve been swiftly implementing it across our clients’ platforms and the results have been impressive. We’ve seen large leaps in keyword placements and new appearances in map packs. For one client we saw a massive jump in results, almost overnight.  

keyword placement results

In addition to better keyword rankings, benefits include capturing featured snippets, higher click through rates, and more. 

Schema markup can be installed through a plugin or hardcoded. While there are a slew of plugins to choose from, be aware they can be limiting in scope and you can miss out on hundreds of markup types. Like most plugins, there is a free version that gives you a taste but keeps the good stuff for the paying customers. Even the paid options we researched only include the most popular Schema types. With 615 Schema types currently recognized (the full list of schema item types continues to grow), you’ll be trading a lot of power for simplicity. To unlock its true power, we recommend installing your schema markup manually or enlisting the help of your developer. 

By adding additional tags to the HTML of your web pages—tags that say, “Hey search engine, this information describes this specific movie, or place, or person, or video”—you can help search engines and other applications better understand your content and display it in a useful, relevant way.”

For maximum impact, you will want to mark up your site as thoroughly as possible. But where to begin? As mentioned, there are hundreds of schemas to choose from, and from there you can drill down through even more layers. Start simple with your organization info, blog posts, and events. Google has even created a structured data markup helper for you to highlight the contents of your web pages. Then you can test it all out with the structured data testing tool.

Now all that is easy for us to say as we look around the room at our team of web developers and digital marketing experts. If you don’t have the bandwidth to deal with navigating through all those schemas or the coding hassle that goes with it, we’re here to help! We specialize in Local SEO and Schema markup and have shown our clients some truly impressive results. Our web developers and digital marketers team up to bring you a thorough, relevant, and future proof schema markup across your entire web site. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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