Our Social Media Management Experts Tell You How to Work Your LinkedIn

If you’re a chick, or anyone for that matter, chances are you’ve been hit on through LinkedIn. There’s always that one inappropriate person who isn’t entirely clear on how to use this professional social media platform. It can get a little blurry since it is a social app but let’s clear one thing up, it is not a dating app. Taking your Tinder-like tendencies out of the equation, just how should you be utilizing LinkedIn? Our social media management experts give you some basic guidelines.

Post a professional photo on your profile. This is a networking platform. Take it from our social media management team, you may look cute in that group photo at the lake, but you’re connecting with others professionally and your bikini top isn’t working here. Your profile picture doesn’t have to be uptight. A working girl blazer is not required, but neither should your connections be seeing cropped out friends and beer cans in the background. Choose something that reflects you. Make it eye catching and clear.

LinkedIn endorsements can really beef up your profile, but how you go about requesting them can be tricky. It would be great if former co-workers and leaders would spontaneously endorse you but LinkedIn isn’t always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, no matter how awesome you were when you worked together. Don’t be afraid to ask for an endorsement but it would behoove you to give an explanation. Maybe you’re job searching, up for a promotion or embarking on a career change. Give the person some motivation. Also, providing the specific skill you’d like to be endorsed for makes things easier. Example: Hi Esmeralda, I’m taking the exciting step of moving into the hospitality industry. This is a far cry from my social media management career where we crossed paths. In the past we worked on many client projects together and an endorsement for customer service would go a long way coming from you. I’ve been following your career and it looks like you’re up to some exciting things. All the best. -Me.

Posting on LinkedIn will keep you relevant and visible in your network’s feed as in every social platform. While it’s tempting to post often, users on LinkedIn value worthwhile content. They want to see that you’re an influencer, up to exciting things and that you post thought-provoking and relevant info. They don’t want to see the latest blog you’ve written. Submerge yourself in your industry and share what’s important.

Not just for the individual, our social media management team will make LinkedIn work for your company as well. Used well, a company can gain a significant professional following, meaning you’ll be able to pick from the best when it comes to finding great team members. You will also become a must-follow expert in your field and will spread the word about all the cool stuff your company is doing. Increased reach equals more business and that equals more revenue for you.

When used correctly LinkedIn can be an incredible professional networking tool. Present yourself or your company as professional, authentic, knowledgeable, approachable and don’t hit on your connections, and LinkedIn will work wonders for you.

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