We know that SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial in a search engine driven world, but does your boss? Why is it important and how do you communicate that to your company? Stand out as the exceptional employee that you are. You’ll probably get a raise and a promotion and generally be known as the coolest person in the office. Don’t forget about our kickback when that first raise comes rolling in.


Why SEO?

As a marketer your understanding of how people gather information is crucial. Gone are the days of exclusive traditional marketing. People are consuming information differently. They want it at their fingertips and they want it right now. Optimizing your website means search engines can easily crawl it and recommend it to users. Without SEO your website is virtually invisible, meaning it doesn’t matter that you’ve solved global warming, no one will know.


It’s About Time

SEO is not an overnight process. We wish it was. It doesn’t matter that you’re knocking it out of the park, it takes time to see results. The best way to deal with this? Approach it head on. Agree on some key performance indicators and set a realistic timeline with your boss.


Involve the Team

Know your audience. When it comes to SEO it’s not a one man/woman show. The marketing team will partner with you to drive traffic, the IT folks work on backend implementation, the designer will create killer images and readable fonts, and the CEO wants to see the money. Guess what your designer isn’t interested in? Trailing URL slashes. IT doesn’t care about your copy. Show them what they need to see and bounce. Everyone will love working with you.


Reports Reports Reports

The best way to show you’re a genius? Keep track of everything that you’re doing. Nothing says I was right all along like eye catching charts and graphs showing that your time and hardwork has been put to good use. There are a gazillion metrics that you can measure and while you and I may find it fascinating, chances are that Mr. VP is not geeking out over your latest stats. I want to see every metric you can measure, said no CEO ever. Keep it relevant.


Now you have the tools. Go off and conquer the SEO world! Or at least your company’s website.


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