Primax Studio developed a custom designed and programmed E-Commerce website for The Party Source  the worlds largest liquor store! We selected OpenCart to efficiently handle the stores 25,000 products!


The online store is programmed so that it synchronizes with The Party Source’s POS (Point of Sale) system every hour of the day for inventory updates.

The store is built around a solid SEO architecture so that The Party Source products will appear on Google.

Custom “case discount” system is programmed so that customers can receive discounts on full cases and partial case purchases.

Shipping and Tax calculators happen on the fly in real-time giving customers instant tax/shipping pricing for their shopping cart.

For a quick search and filtering system to Primax Studio leveraged Vue.js to filter products on the fly. This allow you to find the product you’re looking for in an instant!

The new store is set to go live April 2016 – Stay Tuned!

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