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We totally geek out over all things social media and love flexing our social media management muscles everyday for our clients. However, earlier this year Facebook adjusted its algorithm to make sure that users will be seeing, “…less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media,” collective gasp! What is a business to do? Don’t worry, we can help.

News Feed Fenced In

Facebook wants to make sure that users are actively engaging on their platform and not passively scrolling through content while they lounge in front of the TV (don’t feel bad, we do it too). One way they’re combating this is to prioritize posts from family, friends and groups, where they see meaningful interaction taking place. This is an admirable goal for a company, and we see you Facebook! But where does that leave our clients? You’re providing mind-blowing services and products, and you want people to know about it. Why not delve into the Facebook group world?

From a social media management standpoint this just makes sense. You want to show up on users’ timelines, you want to provide valuable content, you want to interact with consumers in a meaningful way, and cultivate relationships that will have them coming back to your brand again and again. Brands are missing out on this resource, and that is an opportunity for you to jump on now. Time to get ahead of the competition.

Facebook Users are Ad Savvy

Facebook audiences are a finicky bunch who can spot even the most clever marketing from a mile away. If you copy and paste your radio copy into social, you can just say bye-bye to your fans and followers. Primax Studio has social media management super-geniuses that have written for TV, radio, and print so they know exactly what NOT to do. We will help you launch of an effective and visible Facebook group with messaging tailored to the platform and your audience. Effective social media management means nurturing your relationship with consumers in a meaningful way and providing content they can use. That is what leads to brand loyalty and long-term revenue.


Nobody wants to say the wrong thing and negatively affect the brand affinity they’ve spent years building. Primax Studio will assist you with finding your social voice, reinvigorate your brand loyalists, and capture new fans. Paid social takes the fruits of your social media labor and magnifies it. With tactical audience targeting, engaging ads, and strategic social media marketing, Primax Studio is able to maximize every ad dollar. Let us show you a digital marketing solution that cuts through the clutter and increases traffic and revenue.

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