Browser extensions. That’s a little secret in which experienced SEO marketers are well-versed. A true Search Engine Marketer has an arsenal of extensions smattered across the top of their browser window. Whether it’s auditing a new client or stalking the competition there are a few extensions that every good digital marketer should be utilizing. Here are the top 5 that we put to the grind here at Primax Studio.


Moz is a must-have for technical SEO. A nifty little drop-down menu at the top of any site will let you peer into their titles, meta descriptions and more. Moz offers site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis and keyword research in their toolset.


Spyfu is here to satisfy your keyword needs. If you’re looking to build a robust ad campaign you will need a deep understanding of the competitive keywords and their cost. Spyfu gives an in-depth analysis of where your competitors are focusing their budgets.


This extension is excellent for sales and web development. This small drop-down gives a concise overview of any website’s back-end. According to their site, they can “uncover any technologies used on a site.” Once you know how a website is running you can tailor your SEO strategy accordingly.


Grammarly is if for all you copywriters and content creators. This nifty extension is a grammar editing tool with an AI twist. While almost all word platforms have editors this one is an add on that can catch a few more mistakes and make your writing error-free.


So many tags, so little time. Google has gifted digital marketers with a sleek drop-down that lets you track all the tags on a website and whether or not they’re implemented correctly. This extension is an absolute must-have for analytics and tracking.


In the same vein as the Google Tag Manager the Facebook Pixel Tracker alerts you to whether or not a website has the pixel firing or not.

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