We’re Obsessed With WordPress Design  

Sure there will always be other content management systems in the sea, but nothing has captured our hearts like WordPress. There’s a reason it’s used for over 30% of web content. Here’s why our WordPress design pros are in a committed relationship.


Attractive Features

WordPress comes with rad features our WordPress design experts find irresistible. Loading speed, an XML site map to easily submit to search engines, image optimization and more. It plays well with third party platforms like Mailchimp or Freshbooks. WordPress API also allows you to create plugins to extend functionality, you have the ability customize your content by adding code and it’s mobile friendly. The list could go on and on but we have better things to do than obsess over our relationship.


We Won’t Get Bored

It’s not just publishing software, it’s an entire content management system. Our WordPress design experts custom design sites but using a CMS means you can easily add pictures and video, do SEO work, add copy, interact with engaged audience, choose tags, and so, so much more. WordPress can host all kinds of websites from ecommerce to directories, to forums and offers thousands of plugins, meaning your content capabilities are virtually limitless. You’ll never get stuck in a rut. WordPress keeps it spicy.


WordPress Always Picks Up the Check

It’s free. WordPress is an open source initiative, which means anyone can access and modify the code. It’s there for everyone to use. Other software is available for purchase in the form of encrypted files. Volunteer coders all over the world can access code and collaborate on WordPress to make sure it’s state-of-the-art and offering awesome features. WordPress is known for its supportive community keeping things accessible and inclusive.


It Isn’t Controlling

WordPress will never tell you what to do. Your content is your content, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. If you want to export it, move it all to a different CMS, do it. You’ll never lose your data like you would if another system suddenly went out of business. You’re also free to do whatever you want with WordPress code. Our WordPress design pros handle the nitty gritty in this area. With no restrictions on modifying or extending, you will never find yourself compromising to make it work.


Adored by All

Search engines love wWordPress and it’s ready to optimize your website from the get go. The code is simple enough to be easily crawled. WordPress is designed to instantly create custom URLs for you when you add content. You can customize them even further if you wish to enhance your visibility, offering tons of ways to dominate your SEO game. Not to mention thousands of plugins. WordPress can take your SEO to the net level.


It’s Nice To Everyone

WordPress is not just for the geekily awesome coder you sat next to in your Gen Ed classes freshman year. It’s used by everyone from hobby bloggers to huge players like The New Yorker. There are tons of themes and though knowing code means you can customize your WordPress design and do the coolest stuff, anyone can create and edit. We love a nice guy.


Let Primax Studio design you a super sleek site, and you and WordPress can sail off into the sunset. Click here to share your dream site with us.


We think WordPress is a catch.

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