You’ve come up with a mind-blowing idea, now it’s time to sell to the masses. Whether you’re a new company or an established big business, a successful e-commerce site is a must. You could go grab a free template from Shopify, slap some info in it and get started, but let us tell you why we can do it better.



Shopify is great if you don’t want to stand out from the crowd. They offer around 50 themes and 10 of these are free. Think of all the businesses that exist in your town only, what are the chances your site is going to look exactly like 500 other e-commerce sites in the area? Pretty good. We will custom build for you, which means that not only will your site stand out from your competitors, we can customize it to uniquely suit your brand. A custom fit means easier use for your consumers, which equals more transactions. When consumers can’t readily find what they want, they bounce. We won’t let that happen.



On the surface Shopify looks like a no brainer when it comes to pricing. They will do a basic host for $29/month. What they aren’t telling you is that they will also be taking a cut of your profit every time you sell something. If you’re also using PayPal or Stripe there will be additional fees. This may not seem like a huge deal but charges can add up quickly. Especially if your business is successful. Which it will be. We believe in you. That’s something we also offer, our unwavering support. Fees for transactions on a custom built site will depend on which payment processors you decide to add only.



When you sell through sites like Shopify, what you sell is at the discretion Shopify. If they decide that your product does not align with their company values, they can kick you out. And they will. A stand alone e-commerce site means your site is not dependent on the whims of someone else.



An e-commerce site we can build for you can go up against Shopify on every level and will always come out on top because of one thing: flexibility. The one major drawback to using an e-commerce site like Shopify is that the coding is already done for you, which means if a template doesn’t meet all of your needs, you’re out of luck. Want a feature that Shopify doesn’t offer? We can help. Something isn’t working? We’ll build something to fix it for you.


Shopify also means that you cannot move your website to another hosting platform, you’ll have to start from scratch. Your website belongs to them. When we build websites they can be hosted anywhere. You’re never stuck, we’ll make it work so you can make money.


Are there big brands using Shopify? Sure. But as a whole this platform is better suited and tailor-made for small fries. It’s perfect for businesses new to e-commerce and those that just want to get started right away. If they are successful, chances are they’ll be looking for another option down the road. Start out on the right foot and up your chances of launching a successful e-commerce business.

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