As the internet continues to expand (380 new websites are created every minute), it can be hard to solidify your business’s digital presence. Choosing a domain was the first step, and now comes the hard part. Websites are an important part of today’s business culture. It’s the digital face of your business and a very important reflection of your brand. When shopping for a new website design, it’s tempting to go with a sleek, drag-and-drop option, but we recommend going with a custom WordPress solution. Primax Studio is a leading Cincinnati WordPress developer, and we’ve found that small businesses and large corporations both benefit from its ease of use and adaptability. The blogging tool turned CMS has a slew of features we use to develop great websites to your precise specifications. Even big brands such as Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz and the New York Times utilize WordPress for their sites. If it’s good enough to cruise down 8th Ave. in your S class munching on a cheeseburger, it’s good enough for anyone.

Customization – The Possibilities are Endless

The best thing about WordPress is that it’s open source and allows complete control over the design of your website. With almost 20 years of Cincinnati WordPress experience, we can create any look or function you like. For example, there are a ton of WordPress settings that allow for easy multimedia integration. We can embed videos, reviews and social media accounts. Custom coding allows your site to function any way you like. We don’t just install WordPress, we craft a custom WordPress solution that fits your business like a glove.

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Don’t rely too heavily on plugins

Don’t Rely Too Much on Plugins

Here’s a dirty little secret: cheap themes, plugins, and updates are notorious for breaking down. We steer clear of using plugins as much as possible. There’s always the risk an update could fail or the plugin itself could completely stop working (we’ve even seen companies go out of business after a major site outage). Our custom WordPress theme is safer than relying on a third party plugin. They don’t require constant updates and maintenance, and if there’s a problem, your web developer is only a phone call away. Try that with some random plugin or free theme you downloaded from the WordPress store. And let’s not forget paying for and/or managing all those license keys. Over reliance on plugins can drop your site speed and hurt your SEO efforts. So, as much as possible, we try to keep plugins to a minimum.

Protection from Malware and Site Attacks

Security is vital in the digital age, and WordPress is a top CMS for keeping your data safe. Depending on your business, there could even be legal implications should you have a data breach. Email addresses are one thing, but credit card and health information are quite another. Overuse of plugins is a security no-no we see all the time. Since we’re developing your site from scratch, it’s less likely a hacker will find a backdoor to take down your website or steal your confidential information. You can also choose our fully managed WordPress hosting service to make sure things are always up and running when your audience comes looking for your site.

Search Engines Prefer WordPress

When a search engine like Google or Bing sends out crawlers, you want your site to have the best chance to rank on page 1. WordPress makes search engine optimization a priority. While SEO can be managed on its own, sometimes it helps to call in the professionals. Primax offers SEO solutions to improve your rank on search engine results pages. SEO is truly an art form. It takes a persistence most businesses just don’t have the bandwidth for. We can handle some or all of your search engine optimization campaign, perfectly complimenting your capabilities to save you time and money.

You’re in Control

Our Cincinnati WordPress developers work in-house. A major benefit of a WordPress site is its ease of use, allowing anyone to work on the site whether they have coding knowledge or not. Completing a website build is considered the beginning, not the end. We stick around and offer follow up training on how to properly use the WordPress dashboard, take care of any maintenance requirements, site changes, and more. Our custom web design and development can be tailored for e-commerce, blog posts, local businesses, or any other services required. Plus, since you outlined the exact form and function, your new or redesigned site will work just the way you want.

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Over 50% of internet traffic is now on smartphones

Consumers Can Find You on Their Phone 

In 2018 over 50% of all internet traffic was conducted on a mobile device, and it will be even higher this year. Your WordPress site will have a responsive design that allows it to properly display on desktops, tablets, and phones. Search engines are continuing to prioritize mobile friendly websites when it comes to results pages. Plus, you wouldn’t want something important like your contact form to get cut off on a smartphone.


With two decades of experience working with various content management systems we keep finding ourselves back at WordPress. Between its customization options and ease of use, we recommend WordPress to anyone looking for a modern website. Having a web developer near you ensures your website is functioning, isn’t vulnerable to attacks, and can be found by your target audience. It’s tempting to create a quick and easy site now, but trust us; in the long run, it’s better to have a stable, fully-functioning site that won’t crash on you.

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