How can a free Google Ads audit

help your business?

Let the Google Ads Certified Specialists at Primax Studio send you a free analysis of your current or potential pay per click performance! We can show you overlooked opportunities for increased CTR, reduction in ad spend, content tweaks and adjustments, increased conversions, and more! Multiple metrics are reviewed, and we hand craft an audit just for your site. Sign up below, and we will get started right away.

What our Google Ads Audit Can Do:

  • Reduce Needless Ad Spend
  • Improve Written Ad Content
  • Increase Your Quality Scores
  • Increase Your Marketing ROI
  • Increase Your Click Through Rates
  • Outrank Competition With Inside Info
  • Generate More Targeted And Qualified Leads


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Whether you already have established pay per click campaigns or are looking to plant yourself in the PPC advertising world, we will provide you an audit of your current accounts or a proposal to curate new, enticing ads. Also, we provide our competitive analysis so you can get the skinny on what your competitors are doing, and beat them at their own game. There is always room for improvement – why not get suggestions from Cincinnati’s Certified Google Ads Specialists? Our analysis will show you how we can lower your ad spend, improve performance of your ads and garner more conversions are guaranteed to increase your number and quality of leads.

When we partner with you, we become an extension of your marketing department. We flow seamlessly with other methods of traditional advertising, strengthening your brand’s message and image. Becoming part of your business lets us better understand your customers in order to deliver you more of them.  We use our expertise to flesh out a plan of attack, complete with conversion goals through SEO optimization.

Taking our research and analysis, we launch our creatively written and engaging ads while monitoring for insights and analytics to better optimize performance. Simultaneously, we stay in contact with you to keep a pulse on the volume of incoming calls, clicks, contact form submissions, and receive feedback.

And it doesn’t stop there! Pay per click ads are never a “set it and forget it” marketing tactic. Taking the data we glean from continual improvements and client feedback, we tweak and adjust the campaign daily to ensure that the most qualified lead reaches your door, every time.