Our Cincinnati based SEO consultants are readily equipped with the passion, knowledge, and skills needed to carry your website on an upward trajectory through Google and other major search engines.

Our Free SEO Audit will provide you with the high-level SEO issues that need to be fixed on your site immediately. Fill in the form below and we will perform a Free SEO Audit of your website.

Here are some additional items we evaluate in our comprehensive SEO Management:

  • Landing Page Audit
  • Keyword / Phrase Analysis
  • Good Signals
  • Issues Found
  • Page Grading
  • Page Speed
  • Size of Page
  • File Requests
  • Page Position
  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Image Analysis
  • Heading Tags
  • Copy Analysis

How does Primax Studio do SEO?

Keyword Research

Our Cincinnati SEO team will gather thousands of relevant keywords and phrases and utilize a number of metrics to determine the keyword/phrase relevance to your business. These include search volume, competitive rankings, and other variables to determine usage on pages for your website.

On-Site Optimization

Next, we will develop an SEO strategy for infusing these keywords/phrases into your website. We’ll then begin to audit your site’s overall structure and functionality, making the site’s experience optimized for Google and your site visitors. We specialize in user experience, which goes hand-in-hand with good SEO.

Local SEO

For brick and mortar business a big part of the competition is local. Local SEO focuses on becoming more visible in your specific geo markets. We will edit, and create if necessary your local listings and populate them with search engine friendly content as well as reporting on reviews and local traffic.

Link Building

When it comes to giving your site higher domain authority, it’s not just about having links to your site, but getting high quality links. Our Cincinnati SEO team will audit your website’s links and remove anything potentially harmful.

Content Strategy

The path to higher keyword ranks on search engine results pages is to create quality content that engages your target audience, generates backlinks, and cuts through the clutter on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. We can help craft a strategy that makes sense for your business and places high quality content in front of your audience. A robust Content Marketing Strategy is crucial for SEO, but the positive effects of strong content are far wider reaching.

Detailed Reporting

Our #1 job is to communicate all of our research and findings through clear reporting. You’ll be able to see where you’re ranking daily for each of your optimized keywords/phrases, get breakdowns of search engine traffic, competitive analysis and more. Our SEO reports are 100% customized for each client. Contact us and we’ll send you sample reports.