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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

AnswerSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is about bringing more visitors and qualified leads to your website and turning them into customers. Search engines crawl and index the content of your site. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… are “reading” the content of your site and hoping to find some valuable content; products, text, pictures, PDFs, etc… to store in their search engine index. So, you want to get to the top of search engines but don’t know how?

Solution – Primax Studio works directly with you in creating a strategy that makes your content stand out to Search Engines. This strategy is Search Engine Optimization or SEO!

Google Partner

Nobody knows exactly how the Google search engine works. I.e., Google never releases their search indexing algorithm to the public. Yet, the majority of us search Google for all of our answers. At Primax we’re a Google Partner and we study their Search Engine Algorithm. Google provides marketing and search engine insights with their Google Partners that we share with our clients. We have SEO measurement tools and our own SEO formula (that we share with you) for getting you to the top of Google!


Google Search Engine Experts!

Primax Studio has been building websites in Cincinnati since 1996. We have been successfully implementing SEO strategies since 1998 which is long before SEO was even a buzz word. We’ve had great success putting our clients’ sites at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc… for their specific Keywords and Phrases.

Why is SEO Important?

You might have the most incredible product, service or website. If it’s not SEO friendly it’s not on “Main Street”, instead it’s in the middle of the Sahara Desert from a Search engine’s perspective. We will help move your business to the most sought after real estate on the internet’s “Main Street” — this is the front page of Search Engines!

Why Primax Studio?

Primax Studio is a one stop shop covering all of your website needs. Some web design companies will out source their SEO work, while many SEO companies will outsource their web design work. At Primax Studio we are a one stop shop. Our experienced team specializes in stunning design, custom programming and proven SEO strategies that will deliver results- Design + Develop + Optimize = BOOM!

How Can We Help?

We can help your domain become more visible on the organic side of search engines by the use of; meta tags and keywords, page title, page content, etc… Basically this means we will optimize your sites existing content to bring greater visibility. We will monitor all site content using Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of Your Domain’s SEO. This is a long term process. We estimate 6 months of ongoing monitoring and refinements to maximize your site content and search terms.

After discovering your keywords, We will re-write your content to focus on these items. Think of your site as a pop song, we’ll tactfully repeat certain phrases throughout the site to saturate them.

SEO Programming + Architecture + Development

Integrate your site into a structure for dynamic updating of keywords and site content for weekly site analytic review and optimization. Also create a blogging / news section for the input of timely updates to the site. In doing so, you create a new page reinforcing your site content and phrases. It’s important that this section have new content entered on a timely basis. After we finish development, all code will be owned by you.

  • Organic Site Optimization and Programming includes 1st month monitoring.
  • Monthly Optimization Management – about 6 months of initial monitoring recommended. We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of given campaigns after 6 months and then meet to discuss next steps. Since Google is constantly changing and updating their algorithm, ongoing monthly SEO management is recommended so that you stay ahead of your competition.

How Important is SEO?

SEO is extremely important! Methods employed by Organic SEO work to make your site more visible. 50% of all web traffic comes from the top 3 search results and 99% from the top 10!1. If you’re not on the front page, your site is virtually invisible.

Primax Studio Has a Complete SEO Toolkit

Primax Studio has a complete SEO toolkit for analyzing and reporting your SEO progress. We also have the ability to track and monitor your competition! Below you’ll find a couple samples of our SEO Toolkit tracking methods.


Track your keyword rankings for your site and your competition!


Keyword Ranking Key Metrics and Indicators

  • Global Rank Tracking
  • Search Visibility Scoring
  • Competitor Rank Tracking
  • Local Rankings
  • Mobile Rankings
  • Universal, Enhanced Search Rankings


Access and evaluate your competitions pages and strategies

Link Checking Key Metrics and Indicators

  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Industry-Leading Metrics
  • Link Opportunities
  • Competitive Link Metrics
  • Spam Analysis
  • Fresh Links


SEO + AdWords PPC Campaign Benefits

We believe that Adwords and SEO campaigns go hand in hand. Focusing on SEO and SEM is an excellent approach to online marketing. This is the ideal time to refine the message and actions in your content so that it matches your marketing and business goals and strategies. When we optimize your Organic Search Traffic this automatically helps to optimize your website for Pay Per Click advertising. Our proven SEO and SEM approach is extremely effective at increasing your brand awareness and digital footprint. Combining SEO and AdWords campaigns offers the best bang for your buck. Primax Studio has special pricing for this powerful combination. Find out what SEM can do for you.

Average % increase with SEO + PPC campaign.

Branded Search


Ad Awareness


Online Conversions


Online Sales


1) Search Engine Watch

Primax Studio works with the latest technologies to create stunning design and digital projects that deliver results…BOOM!

Primax Studio will only work with 1 unique industry locally. I.e., in Cincinnati we will only work with 1 Plumber, Roofer, HVAC, Dentist, etc… Contact us soon, our industry fields are filling up fast. If your company is national in scope, we will not assist any other company with their SEO or SEM work.

“Primax has exceeded any and all of our expectations as a digital partner. In working closely with them over the past year, we have seen measurable success and increased business. They are all intelligent, resourceful, and an overall wonderful partner to have. I would love to recommend them to anyone and everyone.”
Nicole Bond – Marketing Director NoFearDentist.com

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